Dastegir Shifakhana establised by Dr. Muhammad Raza Qadri(Dr. Raja Sk) in 2011.Online Service Start from 2018.

Dr. Raja Sk is a Biochemic  & complex homoeopathic physician, he passed BMBS,DMBS from Central Council of Biochemic and Complex Homeo with research in india. He is running one Dastegir shifakhana clinic at Murshidabad. His Online treatment clinic website name www.shifakhana.com and a YouTube channel Shifakhana.

We are a well known chronic disease treatment center in India. We provide customized and personalized Complex Homeopathy (Homeopathy Combination) & Biochemic (Biocombination) treatment solutions for any kind of problems in men and women. we have successfully treated millions of patients suffering from chronic disease like Rheumatic Arthritis,Sex Problem,Childlessness,Pimple,Tumour,Leucorrhoea,Psoraisis,Hair fall etc. with our 100% Pure Homoeopathy & Biochemic medicines .